Make the Daddy Daughter Dance a Memorable Evening

A daddy-daughter date night is something that your daughter won't ever forget. It's a night to get dressed up and spend quality time together making memories that will last a lifetime.

With our sold out Daddy Daughter Dance coming up on April 29th, we wanted to give all the dads out there some tips on how to give your daughter the royal treatment for our Princess Promenade!

Getting Ready: A few days before the dance, call your favorite florist and place an order for a wrist corsage to give you daughter as you leave for your night on the town. Use a mixture of her favorite colored-flowers or a corsage that matches her dress. Speaking of matching, find a tie that matches her dress for extra bonus points!

Do you have a group going? If you want to splurge, split the cost of a limo to drop you off at the dance to really go in style.

Dinner Before Dancing: Going out to dinner before the dance gives you a chance to talk to your daughter one-on-one. If things have been busy in your lives lately, it's a great time to slow down and really connect. Don't forget to open her car door for her!

At the Dance: Hit the dance floor, no matter how bad your moves are! This night is all about your little princess. Make sure to stop by the photo booth and make some crafts together if you need a break from dancing. Don't forget your camera, you'll want to take plenty of pictures to show the rest of your family. Bonus points - buy a disposable camera and let your daughter document the evening from her point-of-view! 

We talked to a couple Westfield dads to find out what they were looking forward to at the Daddy Daughter Dance, here's what they had to say!

Francisco Contreras

"I'm looking forward to making our first Daddy Daughter event the best! I feel it's important to attend one-on-one events with my daughter because I know she will always remember those daddy moments. I'm planning to dance with my daughter and be silly like we always are anyways. I'm planning on going to Kona Grill for dinner with lots of pictures. My favorite part of spending time with my daughter is watching her smile and seeing how happy she is when she's with her daddy."

Ben Hayes

"Being a busy father of two and working full-time, I don't get to spend a lot of time alone one-on-one with my oldest daughter as much as I used to or would like. Going to these types of events help me bond and connect with my daughter on a deeper level that will hopefully last in her memories for years to come. I will probably make her dinner just for the two of us and get her some flowers with pictures taken (of course) to see her great smile light up! My favorite part about spending time with my daughter is making sure and knowing she is having a good time and having fun matter what we're doing!"