Barktoberfest Food Vendor Application

Schedule 1

Application Process:

  1. Submit Application Form below by September 15, 2017

  2. Application will be reviewed by Barktoberfest Committee

  3. You will be notified via e-mail regarding your approval or denial

  4. If approved, your e-mail will contain further instructions to solidify your vendor space including an agreement to be signed, an invoice and insurance requirements.   


fees (will be invoiced after your application is approved):

  • Trucks/Trailers/Tents 10 feet x 10 feet or smaller = $200

  • Trucks/Trailers/Tents 11 feet x 11 feet and larger= $350

Day-of-Event Contact Name *
Day-of-Event Contact Name
Day-of-Event Phone Number *
Day-of-Event Phone Number
Electricity *
Does your truck/trailer/tent require electricity?
Vendor Space *
What are the dimensions of your truck/trailer/tent?
Serving Side *
On which side of your truck/trailer do you serve?
Please list all products to be sold, promoted, displayed or given away at the event WITH PRICES. Pepsi is the ONLY beverage brand allowed to be served at Grand Park. This includes, but is not limited to: soda, water and sports drinks. This will heavily enforced. Food vendors may not sell alcoholic beverages of any kind. Food vendors DO NOT have exclusivity on any one product type.