There are two kinds of cars you can enter into the race! 

                              Stock Car            *formerly named "competitive car"

                              Stock Car

           *formerly named "competitive car"

                                    Creative Car *anything that doesn't use the body of a stock car

                                    Creative Car

*anything that doesn't use the body of a stock car


Building a Derby Car can be simple with the right resources! Whether you buy a stock car kit or build from scratch, we have some great resources! Please be sure to read the Official Derby Rule Book before starting the design of any car! Click HERE to be inspired from past year's cars!

*NEW 2017 RULE: Due to increased competition, ONLY cars that are categorized as CREATIVE CARS can use pushers. Pushers are two runners who can grab onto the car at a specific point and push the cars pass the finish line. Often times the CREATIVE CARS need this boost due to their frame. In the past we have allowed all cars (Stock Cars and Creative Cars) to have pushers. *


If you are looking for an simple stock car plan check out this video! is a GREAT resource to answer most of your questions! 

Want to purchase a frame, parts, or a full stock car kit? Check out these websites!– click on soapbox (don’t install pedals)